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Fully staged production, closely intertwined with outreach and community projects devised in partnership with refugee organisations.

Two children live in desperate circumstances, after a perilous border crossing. Their mother creates an imaginary world to help them forget their desolation, bringing to life damaged toys brought with them. She leaves to search for food. The children’s ecstatic dream idyll is broken by a man who tries to abduct the children and destroy the toys. As the mother returns with food, the smuggler and other toys revert to their inanimate state. Safe for the moment, the children cling to their mother.

Zaubernacht is Kurt Weill's first stage work, a children's pantomime for soprano and chamber orchestra, written in 1922. Atelier Armonico's production features elements created by refugees in 4 workshops run in collaboration with ArtRefuge, Morley College and Lewisham Refugee Centre. 

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